Xenna Amblecrown

Human, Monk, Guardian of Ioun.


Race: Human
Class: Monk (a dash of Cleric)
Gender: Female

Age: 32
Height: 5’5"
Body type: Athletic
Complexion: Tanned from long days training/traveling in the sun.
Hair: Completely shaved to show off her tattoos.
Eye colour: Dark brown.

Outfit: Midnight blue Guardian robes.
(Loose flowing pants that tuck into bindings wrapped around her feet and up to her knees. A tank top with a “robe” draped across one shoulder and tucked into a belt. Bindings on her hands wrapping up to her elbows.)

An amulet of Ioun around her neck, and one teardrop earring in her left ear, that glows with a subtle inner light.

Defining characteristic: Her entire body is covered in holy script from the Temple of Ioun, tatooed in a lacework pattern. The most prominant, the symbol of Ioun tattooed on her forehead, indicates she is a fully fledged Guardian of Ioun (warrior monks sworn to protect knowledge. Usually hired as bodyguards for tomb raiders and dungeon delvers). The more tatooes one has, the more experienced they are.

Personality traits:


Background: Xenna grew up in the Temple of Ioun with her parents and younger brother. Her mother was a Guardian, while her father was a scholar. Xenna followed in her mother’s footsteps, while her brother Deckard Amblecrown (KIA) followed in their father’s.

Driving motivation:

1) Disgruntled ex trainee (young male, not suitable for guardianship, Xenna said to be a scholar instead).
2) Competitive explorer to ally #2, missed out on the loot to a dungeon that Xenna got her friend to first.

1) Head of the temple (title?), always looking to benefit the library and its reputation.
2) Tattooist of the holey scripture.

1) Old guardian trainer/mentor (older female, firm but fair. Strict on discipline)
2) Explorer hired Xenna for protection (male, good friend, corresponded over the years about his travels)

Xenna Amblecrown

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