Lord Seeker Myrna

"Avoid bodies of water when Zan is high."


Seeker in charge of the Religious District, home of the twin dragon’s temples


Silver dragonborn, devotee of Ioun and kind of a mystic. Talks about the moons a lot. Has all the prophecies memorised. Secretly believes the Dwarves were punished by the gods for using too much technology and that’s why they’re now “extinct”.

Bonds: Found and sent Deckard to Ioun’s service. Tried to keep him out of the Seekers but she was overruled. She’s keeping apprised of his progress.

Flaws: Irrational dislike of technology – and gnomes, if we’re being honest. She thinks Ioun is actually a dragonborn who disguises herself as a gnome, to make herself more accessible to the other races.

Motivations: Considers herself the unofficial spiritual adviser of the Seekers.

Lord Seeker Myrna

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