Mhornar's Home for Orphans

Located in the underbelly of District One, his orphanage holds the dubious honour of being the oldest in Khandria. It’s cobbled together from an odd mixture of Dwarven and more modern, improvised tech and materials.

By rights it should have gone bankrupt and closed several generations ago, as its practise of taking in, caring for and schooling children of all races is frowned upon. not illegal, just not proper. They’re kept afloat by sheer industry – receiving a finder’s fee for the talented children, they managed to find work, gifts from benefactors and sometimes even money willed to them by successful older orphans.

The current patron is a Halfling named Priggle Hending who left the orphanage as a banker’s apprentice some forty years ago.

Mhornar’s Home has ten staff who live on the premises, and they bring in other tutors as needed.

Dragonborns, Gnomes and Halflings who leave the orphanage generally get apprenticeships. Unless they display remarkable talent, Humans and Elves end up with factory work, a servant position, or sometimes work at another orphanage.

Yanetta grew up here.

Mhornar's Home for Orphans

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