Deck of Many Boons

Deck of Many Boons

You may draw one card from the Deck of Many Boons, should you arrive to the session on time, ready to play. In addition, the DM will grant all players an additional card for feats of extraordinary roleplaying.

All cards must be handed back at the end of the session. Cards can be traded for flat advantage on any roll.

Cards Index

2 – impose disadvantage on an enemy or NPC.

3 – gain resistance to an attack.

4 – give an ally 1d6 inspiration die.

5 – turn a successful attack into a critical OR make another attack.

6 – perform one additional, single action.

7 – make an enemy or NPC look like a fool.

8 – trump everyone in initiative (go first) as long as you don’t roll lowest.

9 – use a skill as if you were trained in it.

10 – shove an enemy (make them prone or push them 5 feet) as a follow-up to an attack.

Jack – collateral damage. Choose a non-living object to be impacted by your attack.

Queen – make an enemy/creature up to a CR equalling ¼ of your character level die or flee.

King – player fiat, railroad the DM! Eg you find ammo, you find a friendly NPC/you know someone in town, you kick a broken engine and it starts, you find a trap door etc.)

Ace – General Badass, sir! For one round or scene, you come off as the ultimate badass. The DM will treat your character like royalty. Use the rule of cool as your personal bitch.

Joker – When your character fails at something, the DM may invoke the Joker. When this happens, not only will you fail at your task, but you will fail miserably. After the Joker has been used, all players may draw another card from the deck.

Deck of Many Boons

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