Blackfire Keep

Blackfire Keep is an ancient Dwarven Facility, built into a cliff of red-streaked dark marble. It was discovered during the initial spread of Protectorate control and has since been reuprosed into the Headquarters of the Seeker organisation, with a city of middling size having grown around it.

Built in the shape of a hexagon, one side is completely taken up by a wide waterfall leading down through the city, fed from a spring that fills the center of the complex with a large pool of water. There are five oppressive marble buildings equally spaced around the perimeter, each with a complex of rooms and passageways carved out of the marble behind them.

The Forgotten Palace is the administration and governing center of the Seeker Organisation, it is where The Enlightened resides, conclaves are held, audiences are granted and judgements passed.

The Craftsman’s Guild Hall is where the Seeker’s small legion of crafters, artificers and alchemists ply their trade under the supervision of (NPC). Most tools that the Seekers use and much of the standard equipment utilised by the Protectorate begins its life here.

The Barracks is home to the Seeker’s Elite security force known as (GROUP), with their living quarters, armory and training halls here. (Needs leader)

Blackfire Academy is the advanced training center for all Seeker recruits that survive the punishing boot camp at Blackwall Academy, here they learn advanced operations, arts martial, technical and arcane and can test their skills with Orcish Weaponmaster “Helin” Tjaarks.

The Archives and Library is home not just to the Seeker’s accumulated knowledge under the protection of Arcane Administrator “Sparklegem” Nackle, but also to vast banks of runic processors that power a personality construct that is commonly known as Archives.

Blackfire Keep

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