Yanetta Prosk

Halfling alchemist with a quick wit and an even quicker throwing arm


Race: Halfling
Class: Alchemist
Gender: Female

Age: 22
Height: 3 feet (91cm)
Weight: 40 pounds (18 kg)
Body type: Wiry
Complexion: Moderately pale, very freckly
Hair: White-blond and very short. Has a dyed streak at the front that changes colour often.
Eye colour: Brown

Outfit: Practical, dark colours, lots of pockets. Sometimes has a set of goggles either on her head, or hanging off her belt.
Defining characteristic: Curiosity.
Personality traits: Quick-witted, resilient, slow to trust.


Background: Grew up in [[Mhornar’s Home for Orphans]] a mixed-race orphanage in District One, for children who didn’t have family or funds to provide for them. Has a photograph of her parents, which is how she knows her last name. She doesn’t actually know what happened to them.

Ideals: Independence. Doesn’t want to be under the thumb of anyone, ever.
Bonds: Feels a sense of kinship with people who have a similar “story”.
Flaws: Avoids getting emotionally attached to things or people.
Quirks: Thoroughly enjoys experimenting with alchemical components. Will beg, borrow, trade or steal to replenish her supplies or get a hold of something interesting.
Driving motivation: Short-term goal is to find out who turned her in to the Academy.

Long-term goal is to either make the Seekers a force for social change/genuine good, or to get out of the Seekers and empower the Rebels.

Worships (in the loosest sense of the word) Moradin. Has a bit of a grudge against Ioun for letting Deckard die.

1) Merliel the Civlised: Basically got offended at the fact that Yanetta was unambitious and not racist, so dobbed her into the Academy.

2) Lilwen Bantira.

3) The law enforcement officer investigating Tango’s family, specifically the death that involved one of Yanetta’s alchemical compounds.

1) Jonop Dezzin

2) Kasben: Human male, porter. Trades goods, information and food to carry semi-legal goods and paper/verbal messages. Works closely with Jonop. Quiet, shrewd fellow.

3) Xarxir Dolin: a Dragonborn who volunteered at the orphanage, teaching tech basics to the children there (mostly to keep an eye out for potential employees). Would have offered Yanetta a job, had she been interested in pursuing tech instead of alchemy.

1) Fizz: crazy, androgynous elf. Works at a factory process alchemical goods. Frequently steals, and experiments with, said goods. Main source of Yanetta’s technical knowledge and more exotic components.

2) Arina Torkoven: Nurse from the orphanage. Taught Yanetta all her medical knowledge, patched her up after many experiments gone wrong. Halfling who hold no racial prejudice since the orphanage takes in any and all children. Kind-hearted and eminently practical.

3) Priggle Hending: wealthy Halfling merchant who grew up at the orphanage many years ago and has since become a Patron. Has bailed them out financially several times. Can’t have children of his own, and so genuinely enjoys spending time with the children there. Has gotten many, many children good jobs over the years, as well as getting lots of them out of (legal) trouble. Doesn’t have the underworld connections that Jonop does, but he does have status and a good heart.

Yanetta Prosk

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