Bawdy Half-Orc Barbarian Bounty Hunter


Race: Half orc, half human.
Class: Barbarian
Gender: Female

Age: 37
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 95 kilos
Body type: Muscular
Complexion: Tanned
Hair: Sun-bleached brown dreadlocks swept back, shaved right side.
Eye colour: Amber

Outfit: Leather leggings, worn boots, loose tunic, bear skin cloak.
Defining characteristic: Bionic right arm. Nose ring.
Personality traits: Short-tempered, lusty, loves animals.


How did your character get their abilities?
She was born in a small orcish community a long, long distance away, and had to learn to defend herself from an early age, as she was generally the target of abuse due to her mixed heritage. Was ultimately driven away when she was still very young, and had to learn how to hunt out of necessity. Started picking up odd mercenary jobs as a teen, but ultimately fell in with the wrong crowd and got into gambling debt to a local crime syndicate, who manipulated her into competing in underground fighting matches to pay it off. Spent most of her early 20’s in a destructive cycle of fighting, drinking, gambling and debt, until a big win at dice and a chance encounter with a druidic shaman convinced her to make a lifestyle change. She settled her accounts, banked the remainder, broke ties with the criminal underworld, retired from competitive fighting and headed out into the wilderness to reconnect with her spiritual heritage.
In her mid 30’s she lost her left arm in a fight with a cave bear, but now wears its skin and considers that a fair trade. Spent all her savings obtaining a bionic replacement, and has since had a few modifications made that are not quite legal. Is always on the lookout for new ones.

What were they doing before they came to the Academy?
Nomadic Bounty Hunter. She roams the wasteland, hunting and living off the land where possible. Trades goods with a centaur pack or two that’s accepted her passage through their territory. Heads into a larger towns every few weeks to live large for a few days, check noticeboards for bounties, and resupply the things she can’t provide for herself.

Did they come by choice?
No. She was drinking and carousing at a tavern during one of her sojourns into a more densely populated area, and caught her gambling opponent cheating. Short-tempered at the best of times, the short brawl ended with her throwing him out the front window and unfortunately local authorities happened to be passing by. She was forcibly subdued, arrested, and ended up in the Academy.

Do they have any family?
She never knew her human father. Had a full-orc sister and mother who were both still alive when she left. But her mother, at least, has likely died of old age now. She’s never forgiven either for not being stronger, and instead choosing the opinion of the community over siding with her. She hates orcs and politics as a result, and will aggressively deny any suggestion that she’s half one.

Ideals: Freedom, liberty, self-sufficiency, honesty. Hates bureaucracy.
Bonds: Has a lucky elvish arrow her dad left her. Won’t part with it for anything.
Flaws: Drinks and gambles more than is wise. Rages at the suggestion she’s orcish. Doesn’t generally play well with others.
Driving motivation: To live free, and at one with nature. To protect the balance of technology and magic, and the wilderness from those who might abuse it. To have a good time.

A centaur she rescued from a bear trap.
The aforementioned Druidic shaman who inspired her lifestyle change.
Her trainer from the underground fighting scene.

Her old bookie from her betting days.
The crime boss she used to fight for.
A frontier sheriff who’d trade information for favours.

A major bounty she put away.
A rival bounty hunter
A fighter whose nose she broke.


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