Solder Wulf


Race: Warforged
Class: Fighter
Gender: Female

Age: 24
Height: 5’6 feet
Weight: 270 pounds
Body type: Fit/ Muscular
Complexion: Tan
Hair: Green with pink and purple highligts, shaved on the sides
Eye colour: Silver

Outfit: Practical, comfortable army attire


Solder was conscripted into the army at a young age, she does not remember much from her childhood, instead considering her squad her family.

Bix- Solders former best friend
SGT. Brook- corrupt officer
The Protectorate

Aloe- Member of solders squad
Will- Member of solders squad
Vatten- Member of solders squad

Dr Jackel: A Doctor
Mr Hyde: A Spy
Lorance- Trader

Solder Wulf

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