Malleus Bu'li

Proving paladins can most definitely be jerks.


Malleus is the firstborn of the clutch of gold dragonborn the gods gifted to Clan Bu’Li during this most recent cycle. A strong, healthy and charismatic example of dragonkind, he swiftly demonstrated great talents in the elements of martial strength and supreme confidence that all dragonborn should aspire to.

As the first emerged from his clutch of eggs (within dragonborn clans all females reproduce during the same cycle and lack the concept of ‘mother’ or ‘father’) it is said that he was “Blessed by ”/characters/bahamut" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bahamut’s light." with his egg literally lying in a sudden ray of sunlight.

Whether his blessing is true or not, there is no discounting the fact that Malleus has found his path in life incredibly easy. Accepted early into Azril’s school for little paladins, he blasted through all his classes (usually on a plume of radiant light) before voluntarily taking a position in the 1758 intake at the Seeker Academy.

it was during his time at Azril’s School for Little Paladins that he was responsible for the denouncing of a local elvish merchant for his heresy, saving the life of Vinctus in the process and earning lifelong devotion from the silent warrior.


Malleus Bu'li

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