Lord Seeker Vittiya


Pale halfling woman. Just as quick with her wit as she is with her daggers. Current Lord of district 8, which is known for its seafood and pearls, as it the only island of Khandria that has easy access to seawater. Especially dislikes elves. Her family are well-to-do textilers and she the only one of their children to attend the Academy. Her two sisters look to be following in the family footsteps. Her Seeker clothing is noticeably more well-tailored than most, and she wears her dirty blonde hair in an elaborate knot with a pearl in it – which most suspect is actually a small jewelled knife. They’d be correct.

Motivations: Stability. She enjoys the status quo and wants it to continue.

Bonds: Particularly fond of her district, as she grew up there. Quite well-connected (socially) with much of the merchant class around Khandria, particularly the halflings.

Flaws: Sometimes lets her dislike of elves cause her to act or speak in a manner she knows she shouldn’t. Biased towards halflings.

Lord Seeker Vittiya

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