Lord Seeker Vayentha


Female Halfling with tanned, ruddy skin and bright auburn hair, worn in three braids. Voluntarily joined the Seekers as a teenager. Comes from a middle-class family – one of her brothers is a priest and the other a gem merchant. She’s quite charming and diplomatic. Oversees District 17.

Bonds: Much beloved by her current district. Takes her Seeker duties very seriously. Close to Lord Seeker Halad; they went through the Academy at the same time.

Motivations: To be the best Seeker she can be, and to lead the other Seekers by example.

Flaws: Dislikes arrogance – in particular, she despises Hatherleigh and the way he treats the Seeker Academy as his own personal talent-finding service.

Lord Seeker Vayentha

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