Lord Seeker Karn


Green dragonborn, unusually slender. Comes from a moderately well-to-do family, with one twist: he is the only remaining member of his clan, with all others having perished in a fire shortly before he joined the Academy. Never speaks in public, barely speaks in private. Fairly religious and very earnestly believes in the racial hierarchy – but sees the Dragonborn as the caretakers of the other races, the humans as the ‘noble and patient labourers’ etc etc. Oversees district 15, the salt mines.

Motivations: Joined the Academy to become strong and connected enough to find out who killed his family, and avenge them. Upon graduation, he found conclusive evidence it was an accident. His response was to utterly throw himself into his work.

Bonds: Beyond devoted to the Seekers, they are his family. Knows the Laws off by heart and will encourage others to follow them as closely as possible.

Flaws: Naïve when it comes to his fellows, believes that all Seekers are as pure and devoted as he is.

Lord Seeker Karn

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