Lord Seeker Jordin

A stocky, neutral, balding Gnome in his middle years with little time for magic or mysticism.


“Seven more disappearances this quarter and we’ll be below operating capacity!”

Is Lord Seeker of District 13, an arid mining town near the borderlands, which is only sustained by the minerals it exports. While he has an uncanny head for numbers, he doesn’t advertise that fact and is more known for his quick temper than his ability to perform mental calculations.


Pride. Is genuinely proud of the wealth his District produces for the protectorate, and runs a tight ship in order to keep performance as high as possible. Manages their limited food and water via a rationing program that unfortunately largely benefits the ‘higher’ races.

Won’t tolerate delays, thefts, or anything that upsets the balance of his little empire.

Lacks empathy and treats the lives in his care as just another resource. Can be overly harsh in administering punishment for wrongdoing.

Lord Seeker Jordin

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