Lord Seeker Hatherleigh


Gnome poisoner bureaucrat! Fair skin, grey eyes and unruly grey hair.

He has a well-known fondness for Skyframes and poisoned weapons. Controls one of the mechanical/factory districts. Adores money and power, very pragmatic. His district, as well as his own factories and mines, are full of indentures humans and elves.

Motivations: Personal success. Constantly improving the design of Skyframes, his dream is to build his own little empire of (profitable) gnomish ingenuity.

Bonds: Always in search of new engineering talent and beneficial connections. Keeps a close eye on gnomish families, and Academy recruits, so he doesn’t miss out on any promising youths.

Flaws: Greedy and ambitious. Mostly does things by the book, but can be swayed/bribed and will absolutely engage in bribes, blackmail or threats if he feels there’s no other way to get what he wants.

Lord Seeker Hatherleigh

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