Lord Seeker Hallad "the Lucky"


The bastard child of one of the prominent Halfling families, Hallad is just… lucky.

Instead of being disowned and shunned, his father arranged for him to attend the Academy, where Hallad discovered he had considerable skill with a bow. Hallad has golden hair he keeps unfashionably long, and an endearing lopsided smile. He’s of very average intelligence, unambitious, and genial – considering how often things go his way, that’s probably a good thing.

Bonds: Has a soft spot for other noble bastards and orphans, and helps them out when he can.

Motivations: Leaves most of the difficult work to his underlings and other Seekers. He sees his lack of intelligence as a fact, and compensates by surrounding himself with intelligent people – his luck seems to help him find ones who are genuinely helpful and aren’t looking to take advantage of him.

Flaws: Can be easily swayed or manipulated, which is why Vayentha vets his staff very thoroughly.

Lord Seeker Hallad "the Lucky"

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