The Protectorate

Seeking 101

Session 1

  • Balthazar has his interview and is released into a main hall full of people
  • Vex is… Vexed that they’ve taken all her stuff and now apparently want all her clothes, too
  • We all have to pick one item to keep – except Malleus
  • We’re all ushered into an auditorium
  • Deckard gave up his glasses to keep his arcane stone
  • We have to choose between grabbing food and good accommodation, so we split up
  • Vex trips over, so Yanetta zips ahead
  • Tango loses a couple of her playing cards, trying to distract people
  • 2 barrels empty, Malleu’s monk grabs at Tango’s arm and she ends up in the dirt
  • Yanetta and Tango scuffle with the monk and manage to grab some rations back from him
  • Deckard was training to become a member of Ioun’s stones
  • We scored 15 food rations!
  • We decided not to fight Team Malleus for their room
  • There was a scuffle going on for another room, so we just joined in
  • We beat the crap out of them a little harder than we meant to
  • Vex starts hitting on the green dragonborn while Yanetta is patching him up
  • He says no hard feelings
  • We got a room! We pick bunks and go to sleep.



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