The Protectorate

This Is Your Captain Speaking
Session 5
Session 4
Session 3
Crash Course
Session 2
  • Dwarven relics and ruins are the base of Khandria’s society and progress
  • Someone opens the door to our dorm pre-dawn and throws in a flash-bang grenade. Solder grabs a blanket and jumps on top of it
  • Everyone flees the dorm as the grenade starts spewing out yellow gas
  • A grizzled old elf tells us to go to the training field – every other dorm has been woken up the same way, except for Malleus’s team, who look groomed and fully dressed
  • There’s a line of Steamframes and a basket of starstones waiting on the field
  • Balthazar and Yanetta go for the stones, Tango, Vex and Solder go for the Frames
  • We find out the grizzled elf’s name is Master Seargent Tucker
  • Vaultstones provide an hour of power for the Steamframes, you can’t pull it out of the suit until the stone’s been used up
  • The green dragonborn we beat up also steps into a Frame
  • The Steamframes are big and strong but very clumsy and hard to get used to
  • We’re told to pair up, evidently we’re going to spar
  • Vex zeroes in on Grakkus (green dragonborn), Yanetta makes sure to grab Dekkard
  • Tango falls over, giving Malleus time to corner her – his Steamframe is clearly better made, and newer than everyone else’s
  • Right after she gets to her feet again, he shoves her back over. “My human’s broken!” he says with no trace of humour.
  • The female dragonborn from Team Malleus (Elkara) heads towards Solder in a Frame
  • Malleus’ elf bard (Ayla) finds herself facing off against Balthazar
  • “Standard duelling!”
  • Yanetta wonders aloud how Deckard is going to do anything without his glasses, he says that by the “grace of Ioun” he can “sense people’s life energy” and somewhat navigate that way
  • Balthazar uses Chromatic Orb and lightning’s the hell out of poor Ayla (Tucker approves)
  • Malleus knocks Tango over. Again.
  • Deckard casts Magic Missile at Yanetta, she’s just able to bring up a Shield
  • Grakkus falls and lands on Vex. She likes it.
  • Tango spots something on the horizon?
  • Yanetta casts Sleep on Deckard and he goes down
  • We here an electric, whooshing sound – what Tango saw was a Protectorate zeppelin, which passes just underneath the Academy , streaming smoke, and crashes somewhere in the rocky desert below
  • Tucker peers over the edge, “Today seems to have become an assessment day!”
  • Malleus and "Balthazar"’s groups are selected to go and investigate the wreck, bring back any valuables, information or survivors
  • Yanetta shakes Deckard awake so we can grab some basic equipment and armour
  • We grab a coil of rope and a breaching charge as well, just in case
  • Tucker warns us to stay away from the giant beastie ankheg that lives in the desert under the Academy, known as “Betty”
  • We board a mini zeppelin which flies us to the wreck, it’s already been surrounded by FLYING kobolds
  • We drop onto the crashed zeppelin from our craft, Tango lands shakily and the crashed zeppelin begins to slide down the mountainous hillside
  • Vex lands on a kobold, Yanetta gets another one with the Eldritch Blast cantrip from her arcane stone
  • The kobolds start dropping rocks on us, Yanetta and Balthazar take a solid hit each
  • Tango slides down the side of the zeppelin, crashes in through the window and is in the cargo hold, which is full of horribly acrid smoke
  • Vex tries to throw a (dead) kobold at another kobold, hits Solder instead
  • Solder takes out 2 more kobolds
  • Balthazar and Yanetta get knocked out
  • Tango, inside the ship, finds the dead captain’s sword
  • We just manage to finish off the rest of the kobolds, between Deckard and Yanetta they revive the fallen
  • Tango fumblingly manages to locate and remove the zeppelin’s “black box”
Seeking 101
Session 1
  • Balthazar has his interview and is released into a main hall full of people
  • Vex is… Vexed that they’ve taken all her stuff and now apparently want all her clothes, too
  • We all have to pick one item to keep – except Malleus
  • We’re all ushered into an auditorium
  • Deckard gave up his glasses to keep his arcane stone
  • We have to choose between grabbing food and good accommodation, so we split up
  • Vex trips over, so Yanetta zips ahead
  • Tango loses a couple of her playing cards, trying to distract people
  • 2 barrels empty, Malleu’s monk grabs at Tango’s arm and she ends up in the dirt
  • Yanetta and Tango scuffle with the monk and manage to grab some rations back from him
  • Deckard was training to become a member of Ioun’s stones
  • We scored 15 food rations!
  • We decided not to fight Team Malleus for their room
  • There was a scuffle going on for another room, so we just joined in
  • We beat the crap out of them a little harder than we meant to
  • Vex starts hitting on the green dragonborn while Yanetta is patching him up
  • He says no hard feelings
  • We got a room! We pick bunks and go to sleep.
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